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The things this man has heard.

I love Raiden.

I love Kojima.

I love Shinkawa.

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Diana has no time for your sexist rhetoric.

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman 05 // Ivan Cohen, marcusto

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy - Dancing Groot

“Baby Groot dancing is 100 percent me. I was too embarrassed for anyone to be there, so I made everyone leave the room and I set up a camera and I videotaped myself dancing. Then I sent the video to the animators and had them animate over that. I begged them not to leak the video! Two of my closest friends came to an early screening and said ‘Hey, I recognize those moves! That’s you dancing isn’t it?!’” - Vin Diesel

reblogged before but that comment just makes it that much better


Vin Diesel is actually precious and we must protect him

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Did you ask or know JMGN to put that thing string of words on your commission? The, "It's not gay, mom" thing?
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“If I remember correctly, it was a little girl, maybe 8 to 10 years old. I was walking down and I was going to talk from the crowd, so I was walking halfway down [the stands] and right as I get to the spot that I wanted to talk from, I just feel these little arms wrap around me, down near my sternum. I almost broke character. [I got] the biggest smile and started laughing. I think they may have cut away and went to the ring, but it was the cutest thing ever.”

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Just wondering, but is there a chance we'll be getting pin-ups of Oso, Bulldozer and Big Tex?
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Doubtful, but you never know I guess!